Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 25... Slept in a cold damp camp site but it was fine and super comphy in my sleeping bag. The alarm was set for 6 but both steve and i just couldn't bring ourselves out of the warmth of our bags. We finally gave it an "on the count of three.. heave ho" we were up and at work. Break down camp and get on the road, tonight we camp in salt lake city. Our camp is in a place called antelope island in the middle of salt lake. We stopped at a little general store in who knows where nevada for lunch. This was the whole town, thrift store, deli, and market all in one small store and they had a gas station out front. One of the local customers checked out pur! We have been driving forever passing countless dust devils, salt flats, and casinos. I think that's all nevada has. It is a beautiful drive tho, its flat but we are encircled by 6- 9 thousand foot mountains. We are looking at getting in to salt lake at around 10 but the clocks drop back an hour so we may just get a hotel. Not sure yet we'll just have to pibe it ( play it by ear).

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