Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 14... Last night we got to san diego. our campsite is in the primitive section at campland by the bay in pacific beach san diego. They weren't kidding when the said primitive overflow! The place was huge and filled with rv's our right was a parking spot with some dirt on top, a picnic table and a fire ring totally urban camping! But its close to the beach and just because its different from a majestic state park doesn't mean its bad. It was funny tho. Today we woke up and rode bikes to the broken yoke for breakfast and then to the laundry mat to do some wash, we were running out of under garments. Played some cards and then went to the beach for a while. The ocean is different not many shells and piles of kelp with lots of little flyS but they don't bite like the ones at home do. We went to ocean beach for dinner to get some super yummie fish tacos. They were amazing. Then we went to sunset cliffs to watch the run melt into the pacific. Steve showed me the sky line of the city by the bay. What a great first night in san diego!

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