Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 15... Just realized that the last post had a few spelling errors i was sleepy when i texted... t9 is not flawless. Our second day in san diego was great. lots of relaxation. We rode bikes up to the beach and had a large delicious breakfast at kono's. we waited on line half way down the block for 30 mins but it was worth it! We had to walk a bit after that meal so we walked along the beach and i bought a super cute dress for alan and sues wedding. Then a bike ride along the bay back to camp for a great conversation with our camping neighbors they were from ocean twp nj but relocated to cali in the 80's ... Super nice people. We took a tour of downtown san diego and had margaritas and chips in the gaslamp distric for lunch/ snack. Then we went to find some shade by the bay, steve got some nasty sunburn, so we took a siesta! Then back to camp for showers and out to a cool vegetarian burger dinner at vegin out in north park san diego. We saw sun set at the cliffs again went back to camp and watched the sea world fire works over the bay from our camp site. I really needed a few days like this just to relax and get caught up on some r and r !

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