Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 11...Yesterday started at sunrise with a hike down to the bottom of bryce canyon the hoodos are even more amazing close up. Because we started out so early in the morning it wasn't too hot till we were all packed up and ready to drive down to the high desert of zion national park . The last 3 parks we went to were part of the grand staircase starting with bryce. The bottom of bryce Hr the same elevation and geological make up as the top of zion and the bottom of zion is the top of the grand canyon. Zion canyon is so cool looking and very different from the outside to the inside of the canyon. To understand what i mean look up photos of the checker board mesa and the narrows or angles landing to get a feel for how diverse the landscape in just this park is. And on our way in i saw a big horned sheep it was wild! Tomorrow we hike the narrows!

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