Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 9... Yesterday we made it to the grand canyon. Epic. I can't even put into words how i felt. It was a jaw dropping sight that takes your breath away. The size is unbelievable it almost looks fake. After my first glimpse of the canyon we went to set up camp and make some lunch. We are really learning how to do this ... Roll in early around 3ish set up camp go see the sights around 5, the crowds start leaving, then have some dinner at 7, and go back for sunset, check out the stars and to bed, up early for sunrise back to bed for a nap and up well rested by the time we need to get back in the car to do it again:-) not sure how long ill be able to keep this pace up but im going to enjoy it while it lasts:-) i have never seen so many stars in the sky one of the most beautiful things ive seen in the night sky. We got up early and saw sunrise over the grand canyon. Today we are headed to brice canyon in utah, on the way we are passing the vermillion cliffs. What an amazing trip this country is so beautiful can't wait to keep seeing it over the next 4 weeks.

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