Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 19... This morning i promised chris i would wake him up to go to work, which proved to be much harder than i thought it would be. I started on the artichokes early so when we got back from Sonoma they would be ready. Steve and i snatched up john and headed up to wine country. We had beautiful weather once we got out of the fog blanketing the city. I did a complete outfit change to summer cloths. We stopped at the general store and got crusty bread, cheese, 2 amazing sandwiches, and an olive spread. We had a picnic in toe and all we needed was some wine, easily done. We went to 2 places with tastings and bought a bottle of wonderful california zinfendel. Outstanding! We had our picnic and then drove over to the russian river for a swim before our drive back to the misty cold city. We got dressed ate artichokes and headed out to the downtown area to see eclectic method. They are dvd Dj's they mix movies tv and music videos from the 50's to today. They were awesome! We walked all over the city popping into a few bars, parks and burrito stands to round out the night. It was urban hiking at its finest!

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