Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 17... This morning we packed up and got some breakfast and walked around beautiful santa barbara. It was exactly what i thought cali would look like palm trees cute little shops and high end eateries so high end that breakfast was subway. But it did its job and we continued up ''the 1'' on the coast to pierdas blancas to see the molting Elephant seals. This time of year the mature males and last years males beach themselves along pch in great numbers, about 100 that we could see. We continued our drive along the 1 and that's where it became the beautiful coastal highway you see in all the car commercials. We were in the breath taking big sur area. Cliff side roads with countless turns and switch backs with dramatic views of the powerful pacific. Needless to say we had to stop a lot and take many photos and say wow! We got to our camp site in phifer big sur among some beautiful red woods. We set up camp and ventured back out to rock up as much day light as we could. We drove to julie phifer burns state park and hiked out to see a waterfall off a cliff on to the beach. I didn't feel like i was still in cali, the beach looked polynesian. Beautiful. Then we went down to phifer beach to see sunset however it was so super windy that i had my hood up and my legs were getting sand blasted , i was actually getting blown over! But it was pretty, with big rocks rising from the powerful surf. Very cool. When we returned to our camp we started looking at photos and fell asleep by utah. Slept great and were up to start driving up to the bay area.

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