Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day... 26 this morning we started driving to arches national park. We drove through the city surrounded by mountains, then through more desert like areas as we drove south. We ran into a thunder storm with heavy rain with the cray lightning but we didn't hear the crackling thunder because there wasn't anything for the sound to bounce off of. That was neat! Once we made it to arches we drove through the park and stopped at balance rock, took the primitive trail to the north and south window arches and explored a few others while we were in the area. These arches were created by the wind water and ice in the sandstone. It was truly amazing to see these structures defy gravity. We hiked 2 miles to see landscape arch which had a 180 ton chunk fall off of the arch 20 years ago. We hiked 4 miles to catch sunset at delicate arch which is the most photographed arch in the park. We hiked back to the car in the dark with our head lamps to light the way. We stopped back at balance rock to take photos of the stars they came out great! Our campsite was 27 miles away, what the internet didn't tell us was that it was up a mountain 27 miles up dirt and gravel roads. We got to our campsite around midnight super scary almost slept in the car. But we set up camp and turned in for a good nights sleep.

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