Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 8... This not working thing is wonderful, but i keep getting my days of the week messed up sorry ill edit the dates on the other posts when i get to a computer which may be a few more days. Last night i took a cold shower which was amazing for my sunburn and i even used sunblock, i need to get one of those goofy hiking hats, the sun is angry down here! camped in mesa verde last night made vegetarian hot dogs and soup for dinner , drove to the highest point in the park to see it. beautiful. This morning we woke up before the sun and drove 2 1/2hrs to utah to see monument valley in the morning light. That was steves idea, i must really love that boy 4:00am is early on vacation. But he was right it was a magnificent sight! I don't want to jinx myself but we only had 4 drops of rain all trip, extreme heat but no rain so far. Today we are heading to the grand canyon with plans to camp there tonight. Posting may not be daily because we are staying in national parks and remote towns most of which do not have cell phone service but ill catch you all up as son as i can.

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