Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 13... So we rolled in to las vegas looking like 2 bums neither of us had showered in 4 days. Walking up to the front desk hn the same cloths we hiked the river in just 6 hours earlier. I can just imagine what people must have thought. But i didn't care cause i was 10 mins away from a shower and a soft bed. We checked in and got our room key we payed for a room with a bed and ended up with a suite on the top floor with a jacuzzi some major karma coming our way... We ate a great noodle bar in the belagio which brendan and meg paid for thanks guys! We walked around vegas down to the lexor and back for some urban hiking. We walked around a bit today after we checked out but its way better at night! We are now driving through the mojave desert and its 111 degrees so glad we are staying the weekend in san diego 78. We will be camping right on mission bay time to relax a bit!

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