Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 16...Had a bad nights sleep steve and the guy next tent over were having a snore off so i slept in the back of the car. I did much better there. ear plugs are a must! I felt bad steve tried to stop but couldn't sleep in a good position because of the sunburn. We packed up and hit the road up to LA ... We drove on sunset blvd, rodeo drive (i thought it was great riding in the wagon down rodeo drive) through hollywood and beverly hills we had lunch in hollywood at a Crepe shop. then through the hills of malibu. its amazing to see the celebrity homes just hanging on the sides of these mountains with an incredible view of the mountains and the ocean. We set up camp for the night in a state beach along the pacific coast highway PCH in a cute town called carpinteria. We explored the town on our bikes played frisbee and had a sunset dinner a short walk from our tent. It was great to watch the pelicans dive into the water to get their dinner at sunset! Tomorrow we drive up to big sur .

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