Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 3... Went out to the basement with john last night in nashville and saw theodore a band from st. louis . The basement is a gritty bar with the charm of the saint and the feeling that you are there to hang out with friends even if this was your first time there . The band was a mix of the frames meets sonic youth, using a saw with a bow, accordion, horns, and anything they could get their hands on to make sounds and it was surprisingly good. Went back to johns and got a birds eye view of the city from the roof. Cities at night are great! John and billy played some great music for us till 3am. This morning we repacked the car yet again added john and all his possessions to take them to the air port to go to jersey! Can't wait see him again in cali...Steve and i went downtown on broadway to do the tourist thing and take photos. We ate at a great microbrewery and split shrimp and grits and a pulled pork sandwich. This hiatus from vegetarianism isn't so bad. Now we are back in the car cause " im going to graceland, graceland, memphis tennessee im going to graceland" ~ paul simon

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