Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 24... Slept in sonora had a great shower, did laundry, and got an oil change. We drove through the serra nevada mountains to yosemity. We hiked 5 miles up the half dome trail to see vernal and nevada falls. We made a quick stop so steve could take a dip in emerald lake it was amazing. We took a sunset bike ride through yosemity valley to mirror lake looking at the cliff side of half dome. As we were leaving steve heard a noise like something jumping out of a tree. he stopped to look and we saw a mountain lion approximately 25 feet away from us. I pointed and said "holy explosive, its a cat ". both the lion and steve and i were trying to leave the area unbothered by the other. Scary scary scary, but exciting since everything went well. They are truly magnificent creatures and it was cool to see her in her element. I do feel more relaxed when there are bars but it was epic. It was around 10pm by the time we got up to our camp site and set camp with in the hour. The weirdest thing was putting all our food and personal care products in bear boxes because if you leave them in your car they will rip it out ... Taking the yogi bear thing way too far .

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