Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 21...our night got cold on the beach so waking up wasn't too hard but getting out of the sleeping bag was. Misty fog covered the beach and much of fern canyon. This was one of the places where jurassic park and the ewalk movie were filmed. The lady at the camp told me that the ranger reported a mountain lions sighting last week not too far from our site. I think i may do the anti lion dance to make sure he states far away. We had a picnic overlooking old growth red wood groves along a scenic drive. And then did a 4mile hike in redwood state park down the coastal range to the ocean. It was beautiful. We were hiking along the lost coast, which is the stretch of coast pch dosent cover. It was a great place for a nap on the beach while chris and steve climbed rock faces darting up from the sand while they yelled to 2 large male elk off in the distance. We went back to set up our campfire have dinner and john played guitar and fiddle music to sooth us after a day of adventure. We had redbeers which i thought would be gross but they were really good. Take a bud heavy or some cheap mexican beer drink an inch out of the can and fill the rest with clamato and enjoy! We got locked out of the car but no worries we will figure it out in the morning. Or Ill just live here on the beach forever.

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