Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 38... Woke up early had free waffle breakfast in the lobby of our wonderful hotel. Any hotel that has running hot water and a shower has become wonderful. Amazing how your perspective changes after 5 weeks of camping! We drove 8 hours to yellowstone and set up camp. i made a wonderful lunch wraps with rice beans, corn and tuna. It was great but we ended up being a lunch buffet for some aggressive mosquitoes i ended up finishing mine in the car. we were in the park by 5 saw old faithful, which erupts every 90 mins or so and we hit it with 10 mins to go, we saw sulpher vents, mud pot, elk and a buffalo, bald eagles and ospres after sunset we drove back to camp and set up a camp fire and just relaxed so we could get up early and see some more of the park. It is amazing to see and be reminded how active and hot it is just inches under our feet. All dad can say is wow this is so cool i love this stuff. This stuff is so unbelievable it almost feels like im looking at the moon or some sci fi movie. Can't wait for tomorrow

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