Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 33... drove to massoula montana through a crazy mountain storm. The main part of it was off in the distance however we were close enough to get crazy winds and a good amount of rain the lightning was over the mountains and it was beautiful. We dropped off sara at the airport it was so small we dropped her right at the terminal and she was through to the plane in 10mins or so. We got a tip from matts friend about the kettle house brewery so we went for a visit and tasting at their newest pour room. We decided that we would make this our stopping point for the night and drive to the gorge tomorrow. We got some info from the bartenders about things to do and see and a cheap place to stay. We spent the night in the Bel aire hotel which was clean but by no means a hilton! I didn't have to clean the bathroom so i was happy. Steve matt and i walked around the town and went to their thursday night river fest to hear music and eat some food. Then once the fair ended around 9 we bar hopped until our other 7 stopped into town and we all had some drinks and played pool together. Went back to the hotel got a good nights sleep with plans to hit the road early.

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