Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 31...we woke up w/ an amazing view of the mountains which took away some of the muscle soreness and gave us the push to get going again. We have another pass to do today. We lost 3 hikers in our party they were just not about to do 2 more days of this but they did great! The 7 of us continued over hurricane pass at 10700 ft elevation to down to mirror lake. This wasn't in a campsite we were in a national forest not the park anymore so we had an area of a few miles that we could camp in. We set ur our camp, had dinner, and then before bed we had to hang all the stuff we put in bear boxes last night in bags and hang them from the trees 10foot from the ground and 4 foot off the tree. We had crazy storms pass over us with whipping winds, thunder and lighting. It got really cold and i didn't sleep all that great but we went to bed really early so i rested enough. This trip is amazing! Can't wait to send photos i can't do it justice just look up some of these places or Ill show you pictures when i get back.

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