Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 36... This morning was more sluggish than most. 2 days of drinking staying ur late and loud wonderful music takes a lot out of you . We Drove to bremerton washington to get some quick showers at pauls which was so wonderful and amazing. Them we beat feet to seattle to pick up dad. Our timing was wonderful as we pulled up and i jumped out found him he was getting his bag. I took the boys down town to have dinner at a pan african place that lori and i had gone to last year. Then we walked around pikes market, saw the puget sound and got gelatto then began our drive up to rainer. We ended up setting up camp in the dark but i guess if he learns in the dark it will be easy for him to do it with some light. It got cold quick but we stuck it out as long as we could to play cards but then it got to be too much we turned in and zipped ur into our sleeping bags. Thank god for mummy bags! Up early tomorrow to show dad the biggest mountain he's ever seen.

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