Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 30... This morning we woke up to a heard buffalo it was amazing! They are huge majestic animals. We also saw a golden eagle it was beautiful. We parked the car threw on our packs and headed into the woods with 9 friends to cover 9 miles 4500 ft in elevation crossing snow fields to hike paint brush canyon and over paint brush divide we went down 2000 feet to campe just passed lake solitude it was beautiful! We had to eat 200 feet from our camp to prevent bears from bothering us. We also had to put all our food and anything that was sented in the bear boxes. Just as we were getting ready for bed a storm in the distance was passing and the sun was setting and created the perfect lighting situation which made the teton mountains glow a bright red. It looked like they were on fire an amazing way to end an equally amazing day!

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