Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 35... Woke up to hot sun coming into my tent and other people moving around in the lot. We started the day w/ bloody marys and mamosas and took a walk around the Lot looking for someone selling breakfast food i had eaten before but matt and holly got pancakes. We did our best all day to stay out of the sun by making a shelter with the rainfly of the tents and a tarp. We played corn hole and ate and listened to music all day. Great day to recover and relax. At last nights i ran into a friend from college who had moved to northern california, it was a great surprise! The show was amazing the best Phish show i had seen this far purer fun and a great night. We all hung out at the venue a bit longer tonight to avoid the crazy crowd we fought through last night to get back to camp. We went down to shakedown to get some food but because we were late we got shut out so we ate a bit back at camp crackers and veggies tonight before bed.. Better for me but i like grease from time to time. Tomorrow we leave for seattle to get dad i can't wait!

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