Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 34 we drove to george, washington today to camp along the colombia river and catch 2 Phish shows at the gorge. This weekend still have our caravan of 10 and its wonderful to meet such great people and have an amazing week long adventure w/ them. Im also preping dad for his trip to seattle and to come home with us. we booked camp sites along our route excited for him to come out! We set up camp and pre gamed a bit before the show to avoid the 9 dollar (pbr) beers inside. the show was great we had a blast! This show and tomorrow nights show is at the gorge a natural venue totally open air with an amazing view of the river and hills around it . The music started at sunset and they played for about 3 hours. Steve and i got food from the lot after the show:-) jerry rolls, they are gigantic veggie eggrolls. With a head full of music and a belly of grease i climbed into my tent with dreams of doing it all over again tomorrow night.

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