Saturday, May 2, 2009

what am i getting in to ?!

i set up this blog page to give, you, my friends and family, an opportunity to take this once (or twice) in a life time adventure along with steve and i

... at any point through the trip if you can share any advise, "must see's" or well wishes , please please please post back, or text me.. i'll be blogging from my phone (thanks to brian my at&t superhero) thats right i am no longer in the stone age with my phone ... and i have figured out how to use the new one believe it or not...

the trip start date is set for July 6 th following a going away/ my moms birthday party at my parents house on the 4th with a rain date of the 5th ... so start thinking about what you want to bring for the potluck... summerstock 2009!

here is a general idea of where we are heading ... the blue line shows our route give or take...

our trip looks like a dove! neat

as soon as i have an update i will keep you in the loop !

hope you enjoy this summer as much as we do!

love you all


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  1. Hey Annie, it is Jeff. Got to here from Jim's blog, haven't talked to you in awhile and am not sure how much you know about what went is going on with my life, but Jess and I (now officially married) live in Knoxville now. If you pass through, on this journey and want to stop for a meal and/or place to stay by feel free. We live about a half hour from the smoky mountains and are a couple miles from downtown knoxville.

    If you decide you want to e-mail me at or call 856-287-1392.